hi, i'm mej

you can call me mej (pronounced ‘medge’) - it’s my initials and a nickname from high school, or megan, meg, mj – or ask my friends for my more embarrassing nicknames

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i’m from truro, nova scotia, canada and currently based in montreal.

i’m a daydreamer and a vintage lover, i have a sweet tooth the size of texas and i love all things glitter and gold. i’m obsessed with the number 3, cheetos, and old trucks.

welcome to my mind, take a look around

mej on paper is where you’ll find my original artwork, prints, cards, journal and planner resources, and much more. my core collections center around the mej muses : the little doodle that started this entire business, she’s become a symbol of self love, self acceptance, and self discovery – a reminder that you can be your own muse, and draw inspiration from everything around you.

\ ˈmyüz \


a person (especially a woman) who is a source of artistic inspiration

drawing and sharing my sketchbooks slowly turned into a form of therapy for me. over the past few years rediscovering my creative side and getting introspective and focused through art has snowballed into not only a serious transformation for me personally, but for the direction i’m taking my life and career.

if you had asked me 5 years ago if this was where i’d be – i’d laugh. but inspiration strikes like lightning, and now here we are

the very first bun drawing came at a rough time for me, i was using art and the internet as a distraction from severe anxiety and putting off some big life decisions.

along the way, one of my own muses helped me name her the mej muse – and my entire brand and focus shifted to center on her and on what she represents to me. i want her to be a symbol of all that struggle and passion and growth and empowerment and so much more, and i can’t wait to continue sharing all her iterations with you

she’s a symbol of self love, self acceptance, and self discovery.

she’s a reminder that you can inspire yourself, be your own muse.

she’s about all the pieces and complexities that make you whole.

she’s inspiration from within and all around. 

 \ ˈmyüz \

to consider something thoughtfully and thoroughly

a state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction

here on the blog you’ll find my deeper musings

my introspective examination of my life , mind, career path, habits, mistakes, lessons, etc. my daydreams and some abstract essay writing

come dive in...