muse by mej

art & etc by megan e johnson

all you need is love (and a card to prove it)

finding fun in the mess of life

art for me is all about fun, play, and
finding beauty in every situation.

knowing that there is light
in even the hardest hitting deep blues.

sparkly silver linings
in storm clouds.

i set out to create through
a messy season of deep grief & heartache,
and found a new life along the way...

see the magic in the mess

wait, what's a mej?

hey y'all! i'm megan.

mej (m.e.j. / "medge")
are my initials,
and nickname.

(easy, right?)

i'm a multi-passionate creative based in
nova scotia, canada.

thanks for stopping by my little online studio, i hope you find some inspiration.

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