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ebb & flow greeting cards - Truro Hospice Society

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combo packs
this collection of cards was made with grief, sympathy and support in mind. the ebbs and flows of the ocean tides remind us that life is full of ups, downs, storms and rainbows. each blank card comes with a keepsake insert of suggested quotes for a range of occasions. 
proceeds from this collection support the Colchester East Hants Hospice Society, a local service that i have personally benefitted from and am extremely honoured to give to back to.
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i found my path as an artist as part of my healing process after a period of burnout - i started painting to ease my anxiety and it changed my entire direction. i decided to uproot my life and career, and in the process came home to truro to be closer to friends & family after living away for over a decade. less than a year after i moved home, i lost my 55 year old father to his poor mental health. when i needed some clarity and outside perspective on this new painful reality, i sought the services of hospice. the warm environment, friendly faces, applicable advice and compassionate listening that i found were a welcome bit of comfort. to know that they have done the same & much more for my own family, friends, and community is a piece of solace this wild world .
i’m so happy to partner with hospice on this range of cards. it’s an honour to use my art to help the organization & the group of individuals behind it who offer so much to our community members in need of a shoulder to lean on.
whether it’s a hello for a sunny occasion or a hug in a stormy one, i hope these waves can help spread the same sentiments of compassion, support, and empathy that hospice embodies so well.